Trauma, Violence and Recovery: Risk and Resilience Across the Lifespan

Keynote Speakers

Professor Michael Perlin
(New York Law School)

Dr. Harry Kennedy
(National Forensic Mental Health Service, Ireland)

Dr. Ian Freckelton

ATTENTION Poster Presenters:
Posters should be no larger than 1m x 1.5m

Four Post Conference Workshops to select from (click on the title of the workshops for more information):

1. Introduction to the Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability: Adolescent Version (START:AV) – full day – Jodi Viljoen, Tonia Nicholls, Keith Cruise

2. Violence Triage in Forensic Mental Health: Identifying and Prioritizing Patients for Violence Risk Assessment – full day – Kelly Watt, Stephen Hart

3. Assessment of protective factors for violence risk: Learning to use the SAPROF – half day – Michiel de Vries Robbe, Vivienne de Vogel, Ellen van den Broek

4. Forensic Triage and Recovery: the DUNDRUM toolkit – half day – Professor Harry Kennedy, Dr Mary Davoren, Dr Ronan Mullaney and Dr Stephen Monks

Alana Cook, Simon Fraser University, Canada

IAFMHS awards one Christopher Webster Young Scholar Award each year. The award is made at the annual conference, the recipient of the award is presented with $500 US, and his or her name is published on the IAFMHS website.

Important Dates

Conference June 19-21, 2014
Post-conference Workshops June 22, 2014
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